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Our Security Solutions

Alerts Security has a range of innovative products and services to protect your home and provide real peace of mind. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or arrange a demonstration.

Audible System

The Audible Only System is a low cost solution for the home. The security system alerts your neighbours and deters an intruder. For a 3-bedroom house installations would start at approximately £380 with a full 12 month guarantee. Annual maintenance packages are available.


- 30 zone alarm control unit complete with standby battery. - External alarm sounder with flashing beacon - A combination of door sensors / volumetric movement sensors (PIR and Dualtech) break detectors and infra red beam sensor - Internal alarm sounder. - Can be connected to phone.

DVR and Monitor System


IP based CCTV cameras capture visuals and audio from your property and digitally transmit this footage over an internet connection meaning you can access your camera feed from your work computer, smartphone or tablet.


- IP CCTV does not store footage locally - instead it transmits it to a server which can be accessed by your devices. This means no need to replace tapes or keep copies -IP systems have a much higher resolution than traditional cameras, and are able to capture potential intruders in much greater detail -Because IP systems run using your existing internet connection, they require less cabling and setup than an analogue camera systems

Agility System

SIM Card System

The basic Visionic system is a top of the range wireless solution. It can send alarm alerts to a telephone number of your choice using your landline or mobile. Up to 8 numbers can be programmed and the system will dial numbers in turn until it gets a response. The basic end station can be upgraded to a SIM card unit for a minimal cost.


- 32 zone control panel - 3 PIR (Passive Infra Red) sensors - 1 door contact sensor - 2 Key fob controls included - External sounder included

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